Saturday, September 01, 2012

Same place different mood - Kaikoura

One of the most photographed (by me) places in Kaikoura.
There's just something captivating about those Kaikoura ranges...
Same view different mood of sky....

storm clouds over Kaikoura

And now for a sunnier view of the same mountains

Kaikoura from the lookout

both photos were originally 2 separate pics, but thanks to digital technology I was able to effortlessly join them together

Monday, January 16, 2012

Dog in a D-Cab

We were at the Paua and Jade factory in Kaikoura and I saw this fine looking beast - a blue and white '59 VW D-Cab ute (sometimes known as a 'bakkie').
The dog ain't half bad either...

'59 VW D-cab, dog, 59Dcab, blue and white
dog in a VW 59 D-Cab_Kaikoura

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kaikoura road

...that sense of freedom that only the open road can provide. 
If you click on the pic, it'll come up larger

Kaikoura, road

On the road coming in to Kaikoura from the south

Friday, November 04, 2011

Kaikoura farmland

tractor, farm land, Kaikoura
Kaikoura Farmland with tractor

Moving inland a bit from coastal Kaikoura, I spent a bit of time photographing some of the farms around the area. There was something about this tractor in a field that just appealed to me.

I did find it interesting that many of the early settlers to Kaikoura were offered "cheap" land in exchange for digging trenches to drain away the water from the 'flat marshlands'. 
Their efforts so many years ago still providing access...

Sunshine on the water

I've got two choices here since I don't know which one I prefer.

This one zoomed in a little bit...

sunlight on water

There's something about sunlight reflecting off water that I find quite soothing.
Heck! John Denver dedicated a whole song to it...

These photo's were taken on the Peninsula Walkway near the seal colony

travelling muso's

hitch hiker, travelling, muso's, musicians, Kaikoura
hitch hiking musicians

We first saw these musician guys hitchhiking north of Christchurch - when one of them had their hat blown away when a big truck passed by them at State Highway speed. 
It looked quite comical.
After the event - as I looked in my rear view mirror, I saw the guy pick up his hat and dust it off.

We were relieved to find they had made it to Kaikoura, none the worse for wear. 
My camera wasn't on the correct ISO at the time, since I was photographing a dog (that photo to appear at another time) - so this pic is a bit blurred (such is the nature of candid photography - especially of people), but I like the quirkiness of it. 

I hope they made it safely to their final destination. 
We weren't going north that day otherwise would've offered a ride...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunlight looking like dust

This was taken from the Kaikoura lookout - on zoom.
It kind of reminded me of an 80's painting with layered hills & ranges, and silhouetted trees.
I wouldn't ordinarily associate this view with Kaikoura - but it is - looking inland...

Kaikoura mountains inland

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kaikoura cemetery and gravestones

I don't often frequent graveyards - especially with my camera, but this day was different.
The light of the late afternoon sun was at just the right angle and the view from where I took the pic of the gravestones out towards the ranges - over the sea seemed like an OK thing to do.

gravestones - Kaikoura cemetary

The 'dearly departed' of Kaikoura must have some of the best views in town.

Kaikoura, cemetery,
view over Kaikoura from cemetary

Kaikoura cemetery

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Paratitahi Tunnel

Paratitahi Tunnel N0.2, Kaikoura, Peketa
Paratitahi Tunnel N0.2

on the southern coastal road of Kaikoura at Pinnacle Rock, you will find these tunnels.

this is Paratitahi Tunnel N0.2


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kaikoura - Seal colony

You can't really VISIT Kaikoura without at least taking the short drive out to the seal colony.
I like wandering over the flat rocks looking at all the minuscule sea life that abounds in the cracks and 'holes' of the rocks - even more perfect on a sunny day when most people are doing that thing called work.

You might even get lucky and actually see seals basking on some rocks. Just don't venture too close...

NZ fur seal - Kaikoura seal colony


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